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Meet TeeCee: Inspiring Faith and
Business Excellence

TeeCee is a trailblazing businesswoman and the visionary CEO of For UNITEE LLC, where she empowers women entrepreneurs through innovative consulting and mentoring programs. As a mentor for the NASDAQ Milestone Circle Program, TeeCee is dedicated to supporting over 1,000 women entrepreneurs, providing them with essential resources and knowledge to grow their businesses. Her expertise in business development and public relations has made her a sought-after consultant for entertainers and business owners alike, helping them to effectively engage with their audiences and scale their ventures.


In addition to her business acumen, TeeCee is a passionate woman in ministry, committed to fostering spiritual growth and unity within the Christian community. She was honored with an Honorary Doctorate for Ministry from the Wisdom of God Institute in Atlanta, recognizing her impactful work in ministry and community development. TeeCee bridges gaps within the Christian faith, offering a platform where faith-based principles meet mainstream success. She believes everyone can Rise in Christ, Shine with God's light, and Thrive with the Holy Spirit within. Her mission is to show that every woman has a seat at God's table and it's time for UNITEE.

Contact Information

Become A Mentee

For interviews, advertisements, or more information about TeeCee and her initiatives, please contact:


Phone: (470) 433-2345

TeeCee is available for one on one and group sessions, as well as working with corporations. Be sure to contact us for more information

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