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Morning Love with TeeCee 8am-11am EST

Mid-Day Love with TeeCee

102.5FM The Promise 2pm-5pm EST

Sunset Love with TeeCee 6pm-9pm EST


Love with TeeCee is more than just music; it's a spiritual journey. Dr. TeeCee presents a series of insightful segments inspired by the teachings of the Bible. These segments offer listeners invaluable guidance and wisdom to enrich their daily lives, providing inspiration, motivation, and practical tools for personal growth and spiritual development. HunTee yes, it's a Praise Party because she also delivers your favorite gospel music, from traditional and contemporary to R&P and CHH.

Allie Gibbs

Catch those "Queen Tips" from Allie Gibbs of QueenFitnessQF" on the show. Allie Gibbs provides a faith-filled foundation that's encouraging, motivating, and inspirational on Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Wellness. Her insights add an extra layer of enrichment to the program, helping you nourish your body and soul.

Monique Branch

Monique Branch's segment, "Thought of the Day," nourishes listeners' minds, souls, and spirits with impactful and insightful messages from scripture. Each thought-provoking message is designed to empower women and inspire them to deepen their relationship with God. Monique's reflections offer spiritual guidance and encouragement, helping listeners to grow in their faith and embrace the transformative power of God's Word.

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