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  KINGDOM FURST Ladies: It's Time to Soar!!!  

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Sisters Let’s Bring Heaven HERE on Earth &

Crushing hell

Hey There Sis, Join Us

KINGDOM FURST Ladies: It's Time to Soar (Facebook Community)

  • Engaging in Fellowship, Worship, and In-Depth Bible Studies

  • Delving into the Lives Our Inspiring Sister Friends: Women in the Bible

  • Creating a Supportive Community Through Sharing, Empowerment, and Building

  • Participating in Group Bible Plan Readings on YouVersion with Thought-Provoking Discussions “Talk It Over”

  • Boosting Confidence with Affirmations, Motivation, and Empowering Insights

  • Enjoying Story Time Sessions That Inspire and Uplift

  • Exploring the World of Music, Books, and More Together

  • Connecting Through Virtual Chat & Chews, Networking, and Exciting Events

  • Welcoming Special Guest Appearances for Unique Perspectives

  • Women from All Walks of Life Uniting in Harmony

  • Sharing Live Moments and Inspiration with TeeCee

At our community, there's something special for every woman, regardless of where you stand on your spiritual journey. It's a welcoming space that celebrates you for who you are. We embrace homemakers, single moms, wives, entrepreneurs, working women, women in ministry, and those in entertainment – we want and value every one of you in our community.


We all have our unique journeys, filled with intentional and unintentional choices. It's time for women to unite, uplift, and support each other. Let's look beyond our current circumstances and work towards a brighter future. And guess what? We know how to have a good time! Being a woman of faith is a joyful and entertaining journey.


So, there's an open seat at our table for everyone. Join us and be a part of this empowering and fun-filled community.




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