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Bits of TeeCee

Spreading Love, Inspiring, and Empowering All, Bringing Joy and Laughter to Hearts Everywhere



TeeCee is dedicated to:

  • Bringing Heaven to Earth: TeeCee's mission is to usher in the divine on Earth while combating negativity and darkness, while building relationships with Our Father, Savior and The Holy Spirit. This reflects a strong commitment to spiritual well-being and positivity.

  • Strengthening Women's Relationships: TeeCee actively supports women in deepening their connections with the Father through fellowship and Bible study, emphasizing the importance of spirituality in women's lives.

  • Embracing the Holy Spirit: TeeCee encourages women to embrace the Holy Spirit within them, promoting a profound sense of faith and spirituality as part of personal growth.

  • Affirming God's Unconditional Love: TeeCee reminds women that God accepts them as they are, celebrating their unique qualities and imperfections, fostering self-acceptance and self-love.

  • Creating a Supportive Community: TeeCee invites women to join the "KINGDOM FURST Ladies" online Facebook community, providing a space for women to share their victories and challenges, promoting unity and empowerment.

  • Heaven on Earth: TeeCee inspires women to believe that they can experience heaven's blessings in their earthly lives, emphasizing the potential for positivity and fulfillment.

  • Joyful Celebrations: TeeCee hosts a Saturday Praise Party and shares "Morning Love" on New Praise Radio, spreading joy and positivity through spiritual gatherings.

  • Writing and Inspiration: TeeCee contributes to RAWCON Magazine with devotional articles, providing spiritual guidance and inspiration to women.

  • Prayerful Guidance: TeeCee previously served as a Prayer Respondent for the YouVersion Bible App, offering spiritual support and guidance through prayer.


In summary, TeeCee's mission is to empower and uplift women spiritually, fostering a sense of community, self-acceptance, and positivity while promoting a deep connection with God.

RISE, SHINE & Thrive! Let’s Go! It’s Time to SOAR!!!


Sisters Let's Conquer Our Doubts & Fears

by Affirming Ourselves

  • I will be confident in God's Power

  • I will spread light to everyone who comes in contact with me

  • I am radiant, stunning and awesome

  • I will walk in my authenticity and be okay with me

  • I will show others they are enough, just as they are

  • I will spread love every where my feet tread

  • I will come to know the me God loves so dearly

  • Each day God's breathes in me is a fresh start for me to work on becoming a better me for His Glory

It's Story Time

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